A Flight of Fancy on a Windswept Field

Ok, so it’s been a while and I probable ought to start off with the changes. First, I’m actually using this time to test out my new work laptop while I’m on my way to my next project destination. That’s actually more significant than it seems right off the back. Why? Well, let’s recap this […]

Waking Up On The Wrong Side

I’m feeling grumpy this morning. Allergies have been building up the last few days. My neck and shoulders are still stiff and sore from being boarded a few weeks ago. I’m overdue for sushi. Kung Fu Kitty has very sharp, prickly claws and is an early riser. Foster Dog just has to bounce his ball […]

To BPD Or Not To BPD

For myself, this year has been really…interesting.  119 blog posts in the last two months.  It seems a lot longer than that.  Mind you, I am sort of counting and thinking about previous journals I’ve written online and offline.  But as I deal with a few situations it’s good to look back and review. In […]

Who Is In Your House?

Allow me some literary license, having left that last blog on a cliff-hanger. For a house to be a home, there has to be a family.  And you decide your family and your role.  By family, I mean the people bonded to your by relation, first of the blood, and then those friends so close […]

Balancing Care

So, as I relax from a day at work and am ignoring the show I watched last night…I think about how much trouble I have had with and even explaining to others, with the idea of balancing care of self versus selfishness, versus care of others versus co-dependency. It’s boundaries.  Out of whack ineffectual boundaries. […]

Goodbyes, Round II

One of the things I find I have to do from time to time is to evaluate the people in my life and clean out the brush.  And it’s hit about that time again. I’ve got a lot of things I want to accomplish for this year and a lot of new challenges to deal […]

The victim mindset.

Originally posted on Thinking in Grey :
It may have been because of all of that hoo-ha with my family last week but, on another uneventful day at the office doing some mind numbing coding work, I randomly wanted to look up information about the victim mentality and mindset. For starters, I know a lot of…